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        Located at Wuhan Donghu New Tech Development Zone and established in year 2002, Wuhan Huali Biomaterial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises dedicated in providing complete and green packaging solutions to excellent companies all over the world. We mainly focus on the research, produce and sale of bioplastic material and finished products. It is one of the largest manufacturers of green packaging products and daily commodities which are made from bioplastic materials in China. We are engaged in the research, produce and marketing of bioplastic including PSM (non-grain Thermoplastic Starch) and PLA. Huali has been identified as “ The top 10 leading enterprises of food packaging industry in China”, “High technology enterprise of Hubei province”, “The first batch of innovative enterprises in Wuhan”, “Outstanding private enterprises in Wuhan “, “Gazelle enterprise of Dong Hu new technology development zone in Wuhan” as well as partners of Hubei pavilion in the Shanghai world expo.

       Our products are categorized into three series:  bio-based composite materials, healthy and environmental friendly household products, bioplastic packaging. After 10 years of industrialization, Huali has developed a whole industry chain in terms of produce and sale of modified material, application of modified material(Products manufacturing) to sale of finished products. And it comes into a recycle system in market.

        On the basis of PSM (Plastarch Material), Huali develop environmental friendly products including film, bags, disposable tableware, Hotel disposable supplies, kitchenware, toys and flower pots. They are widely used in the sustainable packing products for industry, cosmetic, medical, food, and electronic goods as well as in various other items including catering, restaurant, tourism, logistics, agriculture and horticulture industries. They sell well and occupy a stable market share in many countries and regions including Europe, North American, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong and so on.

        Huali’s R & D team consists of experts and talents specialized in high polymer materials, bioengineering, organic synthesis, machinery design and manufacture, who have engaged in the research and industrialization promotion of bioplastics. Some of them are youth award winner of Hubei province, youth award winner of Wuhan, Dong Hu 3551 talent project winner. Huali has mastered the core technology in the areas of raw materials research, end-products production, process design and device manufacture. Huali has also mastered the advanced world-level starch modification technology and has obtained many domestic and international patents. Huali engaged a number of domestic senior professors and research experts, and established a long-term technical cooperation relationship with many research institutes like Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Technology and Business University, Wuhan University, Sichuan University, Hubei University of Technology. All these help to provide science and technology guidance and intellectual support for product development and technology applications.

        Huali provides a full set of packaging solution for renowned companies like P&G, Marykay, Amazon, JD, China tobacco and so on. And it’s self-owned brand “ECO KEEP”, the most powerful and the first bioplastics Eco houseware brand in China, has made its way into more than 5000 supermarkets in China: Walmart, Carrefour, China Resources, RT-Mart, Rainbow and well appreciated by their purchasers.

         In the era of low carbon economy, as reducing of oil resources and price fluctuations, the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection and various support of national policy, biodegradable plastic products such as starch based bioplastic, PLA and PBS will definitely become one of the most promising bioplastic materials in the new generation, they can expect to gain more market share due to their environmental and economic benefits. Packaging will continue to be the biggest application market for bioplastic. 

        In 2014, Wuhan was officially approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance as the demonstration city of National bio-based material and end products in major cities. As the main organizers of the implementation of such project, the implementation plan has been included in the project of development of national strategic emerging industry. The plan aims to spread use around 29,300 tons of bio-based products in restaurant, hotel, health, cleaning, agriculture and other fields in Wuhan, starting from 2014 to 2016 to achieve replacement rate over 40% of Shopping bags and garbage bags, 30% of disposable tableware, 30% of other packaging products.

        Under the great chances and challenges, Huali will strengthen the independent innovation, speed up the development for new products, build efficient supply chain system, promote the rapid development of the industry chain to meet customized and diversified needs, and developed into a world-leading health and environmental home commodity enterprises.


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